ready to hit that next revenue Milestone? 

we help startups grow from 7-8 Figures in 90 day goal sprints

Close 6-figure deals and 2-4X your avg deal size

Take back your time with Biz Ops upgrades

Close high-ticket sales with more ease and less hustle

Leverage the power of partnerships to multiply sales

Free up your time for high-leverage actions

Have access to rockstar teams in Design, Marketing, Sales, PR and more!

To closing 6 figure deals, doubling mrr and 10xing arr 

If one client drops it'll hit the bottom line

We need Systems & Tools but I don't have time to do it myself 

Spending too much time on Ops/ Admin / Marketing

Throwing things against the wall with growth to see what sticks

Go from growing slowly or relying on referrals 

We all want our businesses to grow & scale.
The question is, how? 

Goals to Gold: Our 3 month program launches in Septemeber!  

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Kelsey is the CEO of KMorgan& Co, and has been helping female CEO's grow businesses & startups for over 10 years. She transitioned from the C-suite to her business to be able to help more impact-driven female founders & propel their businesses forward. She specializes in win-win deals, partnerships, and seeing next levels of what is possible in 3-6 months. She also has a thing for houseplants. No, really, you should see her home office. 

Meet Your New Business Advisor: 

Prof Dev Startup

A Profession Development startup wanted to keep their small-class model, and they also needed to scale. So we created a B2B growth strategy that landed them their first B2B deal for $500K. This strategy also helped them 10X their annual revenue from $1M- 10M/year.
ROI: Short term: 25X.
Annual ROI: 500X investment



EdTech Startup

An EdTech startup was in high need of a product redesign. We created a strategy that included in-depth product analysis, producing insights that informed the product redesign. In 3 mo, we pivoted the business to accommodate this new vertical. They subsequently closed Series A for $8M, and are now valued at $15M with over 150 employees.

Enterprise SaaS Startup


This seed-stage startup needed a reseller partnership built and generating revenue in 90 days in order to close Series A. We created a strategy and built out this partnership and reseller network. The Result: their first deal was closed for $250K within 90 days. This led to the closing of a $15M Series A that month.
Immediate ROI: 10X
ROI inc. funding round close: 600X.



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