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Startup Growth & Scaling has been my forte for the past 10 years, and the primary area my clients needed help with. I've helped startups grow through Partnerships, Growth Strategy, building out sales teams, and I've done a little bit of everything business-related along the way!
We consistently achieved high-leverage results, quickly. After being asked many times HOW we get such results, I tracked the process, and made a system for these 90 day goal sprints. This is how our 90 day goal achievement service was born, and I am excited to help our clients launch new programs, build new verticals, close first 6 figure deals, and close their Series A and beyond!

I'm Kelsey. I founded KMorgan& Co to help startups scale because I'm passionate about empowering impact-driven leaders. I help them increase revenue, cross new milestones of growth while also increasing ease and efficiency, and uplevelling their teams along the way.

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A nice hike with a friend on Sunday, with great views.

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Writing fiction short stories. So fun!

my post-sip vacation getaway

Greece! Those views, and beaches, and the food, yes.  

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words to live by

"Whether you think you'll fail or you think you'll succeed, you're right."


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Our program includes: 
+ 12 weeks of 1:1 sessions with Kelsey & the strategic advisors team
+ Growth process & milestone strategy
+ Access to a rockstar female CEO's
+ Program Dates: Aug 17-Nov 13
+PR: At 3 mo, you'll work with our powerhouse PR team to publicize results
+ Opp to uplevel with us at 6 mo to create "cascading wins" for your startup
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